Don’t you just love it when you let go and truly trust in the Lord and He shows up just in the nick of time? I do! And then sometimes I still act surprised when He takes care of everything. What’s that about? You would think by now most of us Christians would be confident in Him and “know He is God”. Psalm 46:10 tells us to be still and know that He is God. Be still and wait on Him. I know it’s difficult sometimes to really trust and let go and let God handle things. It’s easier to go into a state of panic and go by what we see in the physical realm instead of trusting that God is working things out behind the scenes in the spiritual realm. I have to admit…sometimes my first reaction is to try and fix everything on my own and then worry begins to set it. But if we stand on the word of God and trust in what His word says and not what “common sense” or the world says — He will never fail us. When we worry we are in fear and fear is simply faith that that there will be a negative outcome. A statement I read by Charles Capps said that “Words are containers. They carry faith, or fear, and they produce after their kind”. We decide what our response will be. What are we believing and what are we saying?

In this life we will have tribulations; it tells us that in John 16:33. Tribulations are trials and sorrows. I know we can attest that we all have experienced that from time to time. BUT most importantly at the end of that verse it says “But take heart, I have overcome the world”. Always remember that part. God is greater than anything you are going through. I love that saying that many of us have heard “Don’t look at how big your problem is … Look at how big your God is”. Amen to that!

Previously in one of my moments of disbelief and panic I heard the Lord whisper to me “Melanie, I’ve got this”. My spirit began to settle immediately in a peaceful state and I began to trust in Him. How we manage our attitude, emotions, thoughts and words can make all of the difference between a positive or negative outcome. The outcome begins with us. Our state of mind…the words we choose …and what we believe. Will we carry faith or fear?


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